NFL Fantasy Stock


On the rise:

Danny Amendola, New England Patriots, WR

I just want you to think about this for a second. Amendola (when he wasn’t injured) flourished as a ram with Bradford at quarterback, becoming one of the best slot receivers in football. Bradford was consumed by defenses constantly because of a struggling offensive line, which resulted in numerous sacks and aborted plays. It is these plays that could have boosted Amendola’s stats far greater then what they were.

This is why when Amendola got shipped off to New England, I couldn’t help but think that he could quickly become a top 3 scoring receiver in fantasy. Not only is his quarterback Tom Brady, which should boost any receivers fantasy value instantly, but the offensive line in New England is far superior then that of the rams in 2011 and 2012, giving Amendola far more time to set up for down field plays.

But it is not just this. Brandon Lloyd and Hernandez are gone and the Patriots receiving group is looking a lot  weaker. On top of that, the Patriots have put a fairly big investment into Amendola signing him to a rather generous contract. They are going to want Amendola to fit into the passing attack as soon as possible, and to establish a working relationship between him and Brady.

Look for Brady to be targeting Amendola a lot throughout the season. A lot.

Russel Wilson, Seattle Seahawks, QB

He has a defence that will get teams off the field quick. He has lynch in the backfield. Percy Harvin is catching his balls. He can run if he is in trouble and he doesn’t take the hits. Also, he rarely turns the ball over… And even when he does, the refs just give him a game winning touchdown anyway. I can’t even be bothered explaining how good he is going to be this year. It is all pretty self-explanatory. He will have an unreal season. 


 Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins, QB

It’s dangerous times for Griffin and the Redskins. Coming off that horrific acl injury against Seattle in the playoffs, Griffin is pushing for a round 1 or 2 return after claims that he has had a ‘superhuman recovery’. I think this is fantastic news, but here are a 2 quick reasons why I think we will never see the same quarterback compared to his debut season, and why his fantasy value is on the decline.

Very minimal designed runs for Griffin: The redskins can’t afford to break the quarterback they gave up all those first rounders to get. They have seen what making him run so often can do. It isn’t pretty. So look for a considerable reduction in fantasy points coming from his legs.

Defences catching on: The Redskins last year were so heavily built on misdirection and ball fakes due to the fact that they had a running quarterback. This attributed heavily to Griffins success. However, now that Griffins running game could be drastically minimized to protect him, it could be just the thing the defense needs to figure everything out about the Redskins, making life that much harder for Griffin.

I strongly urge you to think before you draft Griffin if he was somebody you were considering. Being unable to assess his preseason form, you will have to draft him blind going into the season. I really don’t think he is worth the risk.

 New York Jets  (Just in case you all forgot about this).

Avoid everyone on this team like the plague. They’re bad news.

 One to watch:

 Jared Cook, St. Louis Rams, TE

With the loss of Amendola and Gibson, Sam Bradford will be looking for a new number 1 target, and now with the inclusion of Jake Long, he may finally have time to find his receivers.

But is Cook the guy? Right now I don’t know yet. Tavon Austin and Steadman Bailey have been a very welcome inclusion into the Ram’s passing game.  However, regardless, reports indicate that Cook should still become Bradfords new number 1 target, but I’d wait and see.

If you keep an eye on him and how he fits into the Rams offense, you could find yourself getting a possible steal at the tight end position.


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