AFC West predictions

Kansas City Chiefs: 9-7 (4-4 home, 5-3 away)

Most improved team of the year.

They have done everything right in the off-season to make themselves a better team, mostly at the quarterback, and coaching position. Alex Smith will do wonders for this franchise.

San Diego Chargers: 7-9 (3-5 home, 4-4 away)

See you later Phillip Rivers.

A losing record is not good enough for the Chargers, and that will be it for Rivers. They will part ways after the 2013 season with the Chargers looking for a fresh new face at QB. It’s time for a fresh start at San Diego.

Denver Broncos: 12-4 (7-1 home, 5-3 away)

They are in an easy division. It’s as simple as that.

Forget about the off season, the Broncos will dominate at home, and dominate the division. Manning will lead the Broncos to another deep playoff run, and possibly a superbowl apperance.

Oakland Raiders: 4-12 (3-5 home, 1-7 away)

Flynn is better then Palmer, but the Raiders still aren’t good.

They have a tough away schedule which doesn’t help a bad team as it is. But at least the Raiders are trying to fix their organisation. Getting rid of Palmer and McClain are a good start.


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